Prophetic Faith Network is called to go around all nations raising prophetic voices grounded in the undiluted Word of God. We are sent with an Apostolic mandate to bring godly balance to the prophetic ministry by ensuring establishment in the Word and in the move of the Spirit. We are a prophetic ministry with an Apostolic mission.We are also called to empower men to be Kingdom Financiers to fulfill the end-time transfer of Wealth into the church.

We are a Movement.

Our Mission is…

  • To reform nations to change generation with the culture of the kingdom.Raising up a prophetic family army of five-fold leaders who are called to equip the saints to do the work of kingdom ministry.
  • To impact, reform and transform nations to become a kingdom nation and raise up fathers of fathers, leaders of leaders and world changers.
  • To serve as a prophetic covering to present and future sons and daughters through covenant relationship.