The vision birthed in my heart is a forum where believers come together to network, share, discuss and move in the Prophetic. It’s a network designed primarily to share the Word of God (which I believe gives the balance to spiritual demonstrations), and also encourage the diverse moves of the Holy Ghost.

The word “Prophetic” (Spirit) “Faith” (WORD of GOD) was coined from there. I wish It could be called Faith Prophetic, but that doesn’t sound right, does it? Yes, I’ve seen many in the prophetic ministry concentrate on the moves of the Spirit, and not grounded in the Word. This often swings a person to heretical views and familiar spirits. The Word and the Spirit must agree. I’ve been opportune to lead and partake in the Holy Ghost meetings, and I know how great that feels to one’s spirit. So this network provides a great avenue to learn the balance from each other, sharpen one’s gifts while serving and ministering to one another. This is a great forum to also network with people of like calls, gifts, and minds. I believe some divine and eternal relationships can be established here ( I’ve had a couple myself).

Having said that, I want us to re-define the different ministry gifts that are represented here. The Five-fold ministry consists of the Office of an Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. There are also more ministries not necessarily classified as Five-fold, but essential in the purpose of God for this age. These may be the office of an Exhorter, Encourager. Financier helps ministry etc. Now the group Prophetic Faith embraces all ministry gifts and callings in the body of Christ. So the word “Prophetic” in the group does not imply a group consisting of just apostles and prophets, but other ministry gifts as well. These ministry gifts, however, must be inclined towards the prophetic (move of the Spirit). A pastor called to shepherd a congregation would be considered prophetic If he pastors under the direction of the Holy Spirit (inspired and Spirit led). Same with the evangelistic and teaching gifts. We then begin to see Prophetic pastors, prophetic evangelists, and prophetic Teachers. They are so given to the move of the Spirit, that sometimes might be difficult to see them not as prophets. A Prophetic Evangelist would preach the gospel prophetically speaking forth the purpose and the mind of God concerning a person or situation, thereby drawing them unto repentance because the secrets of his heart are being revealed. A prophetic teacher would teach under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, revealing mysteries in the Word of God.

That is the vision behind this dynamic network. I do not believe in quantity, but having a group full of people that are inclined to the vision stated. Personally, I bring in folks that have the hunger for the word and are given to the move of the Spirit. I usually restrict my invitation to such that would be glad they belonged. I also believe we all belong to different churches, local assemblies, and some of us even leaders and ministry founders. This forum is for us all regardless of who we are, to come together as one big family and help one another grow stronger towards our destinies.
It is not a replacement for one’s church, but a place where we can fellowship, hold prophetic conferences, and bring awareness to the balance needed in the prophetic ministry.