The team


Abuja, Nigeria

Min. Emmanuel Abayowa (StageName: Emmayowa) is an Exhorter, Gospel Artiste/Minstrel, and songwriter; He is also blessed with the gift of Administration. (1 Cor12:28). He is the Founder of SpiritLifeMusic Ministries Mandated with the Vision of Persuading sinners from Darkness to Light, Stirring up Believers to Revival and Encouraging them to yield themselves for the work of service in God’s vineyard utilizing Music as a sickle to carry out this assignment.The Mission of SpiritLifeMusic is to Present Time(s) of Refreshing in Music to the World through the Efficacy of the Word and Manifestations of the Spirit. Acts 3:19-20.

Blessed with Anointed Exhortation and Skillful singing, and also creating an atmosphere of His divine presence through Praise and Worship. SpiritLifeMusic Ministrations are anchored on Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5; 17-18. To enjoy the best of God in Music (Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs) involves staying FULL of the WORD and the SPIRIT.

SpiritLifeMusic Album includes songs titles, Walking in the Light, A people of the Word, HolySpirit in this Place, Natural Man, Hard-II-Get and many more.

Dr. Oluwayomi Fabayo

Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Oluwayomi Fabayo is a passionate individual empowered by God, with a focus on women empowerment, poverty alleviation, and population health. She is a public and motivational speaker and serves as a mentor to young adults. She is the founder of AY Foundation with the vision to inspire and empower children and youths to achieve their potentials. The foundation focuses on impacting generations with an emphasis on children and youths in orphanages and homeless shelters globally. The mission of AY Foundation is to mobilize resources to inspire physical, intellectual and spiritual breakthrough in the lives of children and youths to achieve lasting changes in their lives “I Timothy 6: 18: Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share”.



Khawar is a young man called as a servant at the Prophetic Faith Network and actively under mentorship by his spiritual mother, Dr. Toyin Ogundipe. He's called into the prophetic worship arm of the ministry and established upon the word of Faith doctrines. Because of his love for the God's word, he often functions as a counselor and a teacher of Faith. He carries the same spirit of Faith that resides in his spiritual parents.

Khawar has always been known for his dedication and commitment to the things of the kingdom. Born and bred in the city of Lahore, He started ministering as early as his teen years. He's had his fair share of ministering in different settings as a worshipper and his musical gift has taken him out internationally to other countries.

He's also a lead-singer and member of a renowned band called ``Jesus My Rock band`` in Lahore. He's settled in as a worshipper and composer of several songs including the popular ``Hosannah`` which he's co-singing with his spiritual mother and mentor.

He has been signed up for so many Albums and is usually invited to different ministries and churches as a known worshipper.

Celestine I. D. Amutta

Lagos, Nigeria.

Servant/protégé at Prophetic Faith Network. Celestine is a young promising member called as a Field Apostle and a voice to the nations in this End-time move of the Spirit. He is currently serving under the Mentorship of Prophetic Faith Network leaders, and also a co-laborer in the ministry. A ministry with the mandate to reform and transform nations to become a kingdom nation and raise up a prophetic family army of five-fold leaders who are called to equip the saints to do the work of kingdom ministry.

Judith Lissa

Accra, Ghana.

Judith Lissa is a woman called by God to carry the vision of Prophetic Faith Network with the visioners. She's committed to serving and heralding this unique move of the Spirit at this time. A worshipper by calling, a prophetic minstrel with a mandate to serve under the grace of her spiritual parents. She's a preacher of the word and a founder of a woman leadership program, a guest singer at various prophetic conferences with a passion to fulfill her calling in this End-time move of the Spirit.

She is married to her soul mate and has been blessed withc a beautiful angelic daughter, Kharis. She's also a Business woman with a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies, and known to be a material for this end-time wealth transfer into the church.

Naveed Shakir

Lahore, Pakistan

Naveed Shakir popularly known as ``Richie`` serves as a program manager and servant at the Prophetic Faith Network. Under the tutelage and mentorship by his spiritual parent; Mr Jide Ogundipe, Richie is venturing into international businesses and management opportunities.

He's primarily involved in organizing conferences and establishing structures in the ministry, while operating under the general mandate and vision of the house. He has extensive experience in management of conferences, seminars, and business development.

Mr. Naveed Shakir holds a Master Degree (M.B.A) from Punjab University Pakistan and has also worked in different Global companies as a manager and trainer.

He is a ready candidate for kingdom financing who works closely with his spiritual parents in bringing into reality the mandate; Wealth Transfer to the body of Christ.