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Prophetic (Spirit) + Faith (Word) = EXPLOSION 


The Prophetic Faith is group of believers that have a passion for the Word of God, and are given to the End-times moves of the Spirit. All brethren are invited to join with a heart for the prophetics; people passionate about seeing His power and kingdom arise in glory on the Earth


The vision birthed in my heart is a forum where believers come together to network, share, discuss and move in the Prophetic. It’s a network designed primarily to share the Word of God (which I believe gives the balance to spiritual demonstrations), and also encourage the diverse moves of the Holy Ghost.


The Prophetic Faith is a network of believers who are interested in the End-times moves of the Holy Spirit. This is being achieved through declarations of prophetic utterances, and diverse demonstrations of His Glory!! This site was created for the purpose of making an awareness of our mission known on earth; Declaring, Sharing, Teaching and Encouraging the people of God, while flowing in the realms of the Prophetics. We are committed to fulfilling our part in this season as we usher in His greater Glory; anticipating the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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